How Meditation Changed My Life – Joy is Now a Daily Experience

It has been almost six years since I began meditating. It has since become my go-to for a myriad of life situations. I practice it daily, in short bursts. My mind can go into a meditative state any time I intend. Believe it or not, I can go to a place in my mind, a state of mind if you will, where the monkey chatter is quiet, that incessant criticizing, judgmental, demeaning at times, chatter that can drive us crazy sometimes actually ceases for the moment. I will sit in that still quiet place for a few minutes, letting go of whatever it was that was bothering me. Since meditating, I know that the clarity I need to solve my situation will come to me when I am ready.

Meditating has literally changed my life. It makes me sad to see so many unhappy and dissatisfied people in the world today, with good reason, of course. I want to help others not be so unhappy and dissatisfied, All I can do is tell you how I benefited from learning meditation, and you will do with it what you wish. There are four specific benefits that have come to me over the last six years. Not all of them happened right when I started meditating, some took more time. But in the end, I truly experience more love, joy and inner peace than I ever have before. And I wish the same for you.


I used to be as judgmental and critical as the next person, comparing myself to others, and judging how they dressed or wore their hair, or where they lived, or the car they drove. Yes, I was a teenager who worried about how I looked, and if the “right” group of kids would like me. I was very good as saying how I was doing something good and they were doing something wrong, only because it was different and I didn’t understand. I didn’t always recognize the beauty that exists in the world, choosing only to see the ugliness.

Now, I work hard at not judging the choices of others. I no longer compare myself to others because I have learned that we are all doing the best job we can with the tools that we have to work with. My life is not my neighbor’s life, and comparing the two is like comparing apples and bananas. We each have our own life to live, and all of our own issues to deal with. We shouldn’t waste time worrying about someone else and their life. Meditation helps you to accept that we are all different, and that it’s okay to let people do their own thing.

Question My Beliefs

Now I know some of you might be thinking, “How is this a good thing?” “My beliefs are important.” Just hear me out before you start getting all worked up thinking I am challenging your beliefs. I am not challenging your beliefs, but I think we all should question the belief systems that are in place that no longer serve us. I have tons and tons of what are called, “limiting beliefs.” These are beliefs that we have usually grown up with that limit our ability to enjoy life to the fullest, to achieve our dreams. “No pain, no gain,” is a popular limiting belief. It is basically telling us that in order to get something we have to hurt first. Well, if that isn’t just the silliest belief. I believe that we can gain things in life without having to hurt, now we will probably have to work hard to achieve the things we want in life, but it doesn’t have to hurt.

I have questioned damn near every belief I have ever grown up with since I started meditating. Probably the biggest one was when I questioned my belief in God, that I had had since childhood. It was not an easy one to go through, but I did, and I feel my life is better because I did question it. I am a happier person because I am willing to question any of my beliefs that I feel no longer serve me. My beliefs have changed about a lot of things, and I am sure they will continue to…change is the only constant, ya know.

I came to know my Soul

I really struggled with exactly how to title this section. It kind of falls into the same category as God, some people believe in God, some don’t. Some people believe we have a soul and others don’t. I am one of the people who does believe everything has a soul. I believe that, because meditation allowed me to know my soul. I think it is something we should all do. It is where our inspiration comes from, our wisdom, our unconditional love, where we are all connected and It is the place where we connect with Divine Energy, Chi, Life Force, the stuff that makes the universe.

I recommend meditation for getting to know your soul, because it is in the stillness and the quiet that you can hear your soul. Sometimes it will even talk to you in words. It will sound like your own voice, but you will feel like it is inspiration. Sometimes you will wonder where the idea even came from. It is those times when you feel like something just, “came out of the blue.” And when we are willing to listen to our soul, we get to experience inspiration, wisdom and unconditional love. When you are willing to be quiet enough to hear the messages your soul is trying to give you, the world is a much more beautiful place to live. Content goes here.

To love myself – as well as others

How many people like looking in the mirror? The last time I checked, no very many. I believe they struggle with it is because they don’t love themselves. I have spent a good portion of my life not liking one thing or another about myself, always thinking I had to change something, because it would make me better, more likable, prettier, a better mother. So many of us spend way too much time beating ourselves up because of the mistakes we have made, or because we don’t like how we look, or we worried that someone doesn’t like us. I know I did. I spent way too many years not loving myself and picking myself apart.

With meditation, I truly love myself and all the things that come with me. Now that doesn’t mean that there are somethings about myself that I wouldn’t like to change. I would really like to be able to snap my fingers and turn myself into a cleaning guru…but that ain’t gonna happen. And so I accept that I am not the best housekeeper in the world, and I work at getting better at it, but I don’t obsess and tell myself that I’m a shitty housekeeper, and that I am ashamed of myself. I know that there are a lot of other things that I am really really good at doing, and so I try to focus on those. And when I get that wild hair, I clean my house…and it looks amazing when I do.


I, like many, spent a good portion of my life blaming others for the situations I found myself in. It was my parents fault I didn’t get to go to California after graduation…I had nothing to do with it, right? It was my ex’s fault that I chose to remain in an abusive relationship for way too long…I had no choice, right? It was the world’s fault that I was poor and couldn’t pay my bills…it had nothing to do with how I spent my money, right? I believed that if I could change those things outside of myself, then I would find that happy spot. I made myself a victim.

I have learned in the last six years that I, and I alone, are 100% responsible for the choices I have made in life, and where I am in life at this moment. It is up to me to make my life better, if that is what I want. In accepting 100% responsibility for my life, it puts me in the driver’s seat and empowers me. If I don’t like something about my life then it is my responsibility to change it, or if I can’t change it, accept it the way it is and move forward. And no, our situations are not always our fault, but t our reaction to those situations is our responsibility. I have accepted that the only control I have in life is my reaction to things, and it has never been in my power to change someone else.

Meditation Can Change Your Life

I began meditating because I was looking for alternative ways of dealing with my fibromyalgia. I had been taking the prescribed medicine for a year. It only took me that year to realize that I was not going to live my life being all zombied-out and addicted to prescription drugs. Meditation was one of the first modalities I ran across, and continues to be a very important part of my life to this day. The benefits are so much more than I have listed here. (No worries, I will be talking about them at some point in time) Just know that meditating can only improve your life and how you see it. And it’s one of the cheapest things out there. I love that you need absolutely nothing, but you, to begin to meditate. And then you can see how it can change your life too.

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